The International Network for the Study of Lyric (INSL) is a free nonprofit association of scholars interested in the study of the theory of poetry.

Under the initiative of Prof. Ralph Mueller, the network was officially founded in October 2015 at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. The impetus for the foundation of INSL was the perception that as a research field, the theory of poetry (or theory of the lyric) is unduly fragmented along linguistic, national and disciplinary lines. Consequently INSL aims to foster international discussion and exchange across different literary traditions and languages, sharing and distributing information and scholarly work on the theory of poetry.

The Executive Board has the principal responsibility for many policies and procedures and the organization of events. The Advisory Committee, comprised of the founders and initial leaders of INSL, shares responsibility for making major policy decisions, especially proposed changes to the Constitution, with the Executive Board. The members of the Consultants Council have been appointed to contribute their expertise about particular geographical, continental, cultural, and methodological issues about lyric.

Executive Board

Jan Baetens, University of Leuven, president

Denise Brassard, Université du Québec à Montréal

Ardis Butterfield, Yale University, vice-president elect

David Caplan, Southern Methodist University

Heather Dubrow, Fordham University, president emerita and vice-president ex officio

Gustavo Guerrero, CY Cergy Paris University

Hans Kristian Strandstuen Rustad, University of Oslo, vice-president ex officio

Kirsten Stirling, University of Lausanne

Advisory Committee

Ralph Mueller, University of Fribourg

Antonio Rodriguez, University of Lausanne

William Waters, Boston University

Consultants Council

Yasser Elhariry, Dartmouth College

Josef Hrdlička, Charles University, Prague

Tessie Prakas, Scripps College

Danila Sokolov, University of Iceland

Joe Stadolnik, University of Chicago

Technical administrators

Pierre Ménétrey

Joe Stadolnik, digital manager

Previous presidents

2015–2019 : Ralph Mueller, Prof. of German literature, University of Freiburg, Switzerland

2019–2021: Antonio Rodriguez, Prof. of French literature, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

2021–2023: Heather Dubrow, Prof. of English Literature, Fordham University, USA