International network for the study of lyric

Welcome to our Worldwide Network

The International Network for the Study of Lyric (INSL) is a free nonprofit association of scholars interested in the theory of poetry. Our purpose is to promote, stimulate and encourage the interdisciplinary study of poetry, lyric and verse in various languages, forms, media, and functions. In particular, we aim for an international exchange of approaches, conceptual frameworks, and theoretical advances relating to the study of poetry or the lyric. To this end we also serve as a clearinghouse of information on current initiatives and advances in the study of poetic theory. Every two years the INSL organizes an international meeting on the theory of poetry. 


  • To promote and encourage the interdisciplinary study of lyric theory in various languages, media, and functions
  • To facilitate an international exchange of ideas and approaches in the study of poetry
  • To organize the biennial INSL conference